Double Braid Polyester Reins

The double braid polyester reins are a nice addition to any tack room. They are popular for youth riders, colt starters, trail riders and ropers. The 1/2″ diameter is the most common but we also have a 3/8″ & 9/16″ size as well. We can do any length in split or loop style from pony reins, to 16′ draw reins or 22′ mecates. The standard attachment is scissor snaps and water ties. Don’t need the scissor snaps? Take $5 off any set.

5/8″ Hollow Flat Braid Reins

These reins are a tradeshow favorite. When people pick up these reins they absolutely love the feel of them and usually end up taking a pair home. They can come in any length and in either a split or loop rein. The standard attachment is the water ties, with leather poppers on the split reins. Don’t need the scissor snaps? Take $5 off your set.

Hand Braided Reins

These are a very customizable option for reins if you are looking for a specific color scheme. We have a wide variety of color options to choose from.

Adjustable Barrel Reins

These are very popular reins. We love the diverse color and pattern options that these reins offer. This means that each set of reins is very unique, almost no two pair will be the same! Besides color and patterns, these reins can be further customized by adding fringe. They come standard with conway buckles and scissor snaps, with either 2 knots or 4 knots. The standard size is an 8′ adjustable rein, which can be shrunk down to around 7′ or expanded to around 9′.

A popular new variation is the stabilizer reins. These feature a stiff core in the round braid section. These are a hot new favorite in the barrel racing scene.

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