Rope Halters

Our halters are primarily made from double braid polyester. This is due to its strength, low stretch, sunlight resistance and abrasion resistance, while also having a nice feel in the hand. This makes it a popular choice for many natural horse trainers. The 1/4″ diameter is the most popular, it also comes in different hardness levels – regular, firm, and stiff. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of needs. We also offer a few larger diameters, which are popular with our draft and draft crosses. Halters come in standard sizes, but we also offer custom sizing. All halters are hand tied by us, so getting a custom size is only a conversation away. We have a wide variety of colors, most of which we keep in stock. There are endless customizations available as well- from decorative knots, nosebands, rings and more. We also make 4 knot halters.

Training Halters

These are very popular with trainers and riders alike. They feature a sliding ring along the jawline, making them ideal for lunging and groundwork. The ring slides allowing the halter to stay centered on the horses face without twisting. It also means more lateral pressure can be applied, making cues concise and translate more easily to ridden work. For horseman who enjoy using side rings on a cavesson, but hate having to switch sides every time you change directions, these halters are a perfect solution. There are a variety of modifications that can be made as well, including no fiador knot, multiple rings on the jaw piece, side rings and more.

Muletape Halters

These halters are hugely popular in the western world. Braided from strong yet soft muletape, these halters are classy and functional. They come in a variety of standard colors as well as custom hand dyed colors and ombres. There are also many different styles including the lariat noseband and a bronc style noseband. All of our muletape halters come standard with a matching 8′ lead rope. Muletape halters can be customized in a wide variety of ways, either by color, style, braid, add ons or any combination of things. Custom sizes are available in addition to our standard sizing.

4 thoughts on “Halters

  1. Hi, what’s the difference between the lariat nose and and the bronc nose and for the mule tape halters? And what is your pricing? Thanks!


    1. Hi!
      The bronc nose does not have the actual noseband, some people like getting leather ones made to attach there instead!
      The lariat nosebands have lariat rope around the nose with either muletape braided over the nose or just bare.
      Muletape halters start at $65 including an 8′ lead rope


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