We are proud to offer custom rope work and braiding. From horse halters, leads, sidepulls and more to cattle halters and neck ropes!

Please feel free to look through our past work and let us know if you would like your own custom product. The options are pretty endless when it comes to customization. We can do lots of different options so do not feel limited to what you see offered. We are always trying new things so please give us a chat and we will come up with something amazing!

Due to the endless variety of customizations we do not offer prices up front. If you are interested in an item, please reach out with your ideas and we will provide a quote.



Our halters are primarily made from 1/4″ double braid polyester. This is a long-lasting and very strong rope that is nice to handle. It also comes in different stiffness levels – regular, firm, and stiff. We can make any size halter; we do have standard sizes, but if you need a custom size, we are more than happy to accommodate that. We have a wide variety of colors, which can be paired with an even greater variety of nosebands.

Halters for an average horse start at $20. Noseband customizations start at $5 for a cobra and move upwards.

Training Halters

We can do many different styles depending on what your preferences are. We do 4 knot halters as well as a sliding ring attached to the fiador knot. We have also done them without the fiador knot, or rings in the noseband.

Muletape Halters

The following include matching 8′ lead ropes with standard loop end. These start at $65.

Lead Ropes

9/16″ double braid polyester leads with eye splice and leather popper. We can use 5/8″ rope as well as nylon or MFP options. Please contact for pricing these options. Lead Ropes start at $30 for 7′.

Lunge Lines

Braided Leads – Muletape or 550 Cord; 1 to 4 colors

Cotton Lead Ropes



  • Halter Tie
    • 1 ear, 2 ear or browband
  • Braided – includes conways or scissor snaps permanently attached
    • 1 ear, 2 ear or browband

Side Pulls

War Bridle


Adjustable Barrel Reins – 1-4 colors

  • 2 knot or 4 knot

Braided Split Reins

1/2″ Double Braid Polyester Loop Reins. Scissor snaps permanently spliced in and included.

1/2″ Double Braid Polyester Split Reins. Scissor snaps permanently spliced in, included with leather popper ends

5/8″ Flat Braid Loop Reins. Include water ties and scissor snaps.

5/8″ Flat Braid Split Reins. Includes water ties, scissor snaps and leather popper ends.


  • Knotted
  • 2 strand
  • Braided
  • 1 strand

Breast Collars

These are very sturdy, well built breast collars. We can do Chevron or Aztec patterns, and some of the noseband patterns can cross over here as well.

Due to the highly custom nature, please contact for pricing.

Wither Straps

These are used to keep a breast collar sitting higher off your horses shoulders. Not all horses need these but they are very useful if needed!


  • Running Martingale
  • German Martingale

Night Latches

Tack Sets

Totally customizable tack sets can be made to your specifications!


Braided Halters

  • Cow
  • Calf
  • Sheep and goat

Rope Halters

Odds & Ends

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