Leads & Lines

Lead Ropes

Our most popular lead ropes by far are the double braid polyester leads. When you combine strength, durability, feel and comfort all in one, it is easy to see why. These leads come in custom lengths, from 7′ to 15′. The 15′ are a favorite for doing any kind of ground work, especially when paired with one of our training halters. We can get a large variety of colors, most matching the rope halters we offer. These leads come standard with an eye splice and leather popper in red or black.

Cotton Lead Ropes

Another common favorite is the cotton lead rope. These classic ropes are sturdy yet soft on the hands. The standard color is white but we do hand dye them as well. These come with snaps permanently attached.

Lunge Lines and Driving Lines

We have a wide selection of lines to complement any training program. Our flat braid lines are a light and versatile option that work well for driving or lunging. Not to be out done, the half inch lines are a classic option. We also have 3/8″ and 1/4″ lines available if you are looking for featherweight or liberty lines to finesse your training.

Braided Lead Ropes

Braided leads are a great alternative for those wanting something more customized. The standard is an 8 strand lead but also available is a 12 strand. These leads can be made to match a noseband color scheme, or to add a little flair to any halter. Made from 550 cord, these leads have a similar tensile strength to the polyester and cotton leads. These leads can come with a loop or with permanently attached snaps, and with a popper style end. There are a few different braiding patterns available as well.


We offer hardware for your lead ropes or lines. These are a very heavy duty snap, with some styles very hard to source in Canada.

Carrot Stick Strings

We also make carrot stick strings. These have an eye splice with a leather popper. They come in any of our 1\4″ rope colors and the standard length is 6′


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