Colors & Sizing

This is where we will show the many different colors available for halters leads and more! As always we recommend that you keep your products out of weather as much as possible to keep the colors true, especially in the hand dyed items. While we do use high quality rope and dyes, they are susceptible to the weather and may fade to a different hue, shade or to nothing.

Rope Halters

1/4″ Soft Double Braid Polyester

By far our most popular rope for halters. Polyester is very hardy, is weather resistant and has minimal shrinkage. A very high quality rope that is useful for a number of different purposes.

1/4″ Firm Double Braid Polyester

1/4″ Stiff Double Braid Polyester

This rope is commonly used for 4 knot halters and the training halter. It has a tighter weave and holds its shape as well as having a bit more “grab” than our soft halters.

5/16″ Double Braid Polyester

This is a slightly thicker rope than the 1/4″, it is commonly used for draft crosses and drafts.

5/16″ Firm MFP

3/16″ Stiff Double Braid Polyester

This is a thin, stiff halter cord. This can provide more pressure and direction compared to the 1/4″ ropes


3/8″ Double Braid Polyester

Common size for roping reins, fits in the hand nicer when holding a rope.

1/2″ Double Braid Polyester

Our most common size for reins. Has a good feel and diameter to the rope, which feels good in the hand and has enough weight to give a good signal to your horse.

5/8″ Flat Braid MFP

Lead Ropes

9/16″ Double Braid Polyester

This is our most common lead rope diameter. Super nice soft polyester that is strong and durable.

5/8″ Double Braid Polyester


Noseband colors are pretty endless. Below are just a handful of colors. If you are looking for something specific, just let us know, and we will see what we can find!

Lacing Cord

This cord is used for the stitched nosebands


Our muletape comes in standard colors or hand dyed by us!

Standard colors


Hand Dying

Any rope that comes in white can be hand dyed by us. We often hand dye muletape and the 1/4″ rope halters. We can do a huge variety of colors by mixing different dyes. While we can hand dye, we cannot guarantee a perfect match always. Especially mixing different ropes together. Muletape will not dye the same as the double braid polyester ropes, we can get close but there will usually always be a slight difference, so please keep that in mind if you are choosing a regular lead rope for your muletape halter or vice versa.


We use the below picture for all of our sizing. Of course while these are standard sizes we can do custom sizes if your horse doesn’t fit into any category. If you have a halter that does fit we can use measurements from that one. Or if it almost fits and needs an inch or 2 this way or that we can definently accommodate!