Equine Misc.

Wither Strap

Wither straps are used to keep breast collars from sitting too low on a horses shoulders. Not all horses need them but they are a valuable tool for those that do. These can range from a simple flat brad to more elaborate patterns that you can find on the noseband page.


Martingales can be a vital training tool. We can make running martingales, german martingales and standing martingales. Each have their own benefits and circumstances where they are best used. Training equipment if not used correctly can result in injury, use with caution and under supervision.

Night Latches

These are helpful tools for those wanting a little extra security when they are riding. Often preferred to grabbing the horn, a night latch helps pull you into the saddle. They are also handy gate latches or can be used to carry things if you are in a bind.

Bucket Holders

These are handy to have around, they are very similar to the night latches. These are great for hanging buckets or things like water bottles off your saddle.