The results are in…

We sent away hair for genetic testing for both Queen (Electric Boon) and Miss (Gayla Going Big Time). We are so happy to have the results back!

Miss was DNA verified and 5 panel tested which came back negative across the board. Always happy to have that result!

Queen was also 5 panel tested and she is also negative across the board. So that makes all of our mares 5 panel negative. We also did a color test as Queen is registered as a red roan but has thrown very dun looking babies. So those results also came back and she is D/nd1 which means she is a Dun and also carries a copy of non-dun 1. Which means if she doesn’t throw her Dun gene (dilution) her foals will most likely have some primitive markings and a non dun dorsal stripe- some people call it counter shading. So she is officially a red Dun Roan! Very cool! There are lots of color opportunities with her having 2 color genes. She also tested AA so she could not have a black baby only bays or sorrels, same as Cosmo, actually!

Stay tuned as the next couple weeks, we have 2 stallion auctions finishing up, so we will be excited to announce if we snagged another breeding!

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