Nosebands & Collars

We have many different noseband designs. If you see something else you like, please let us know, and we can try and make it happen for you! Any designs here can also be made into dog collars!

Nosebands start at $5 for a cobra, and go up from there. Prices listed may change due to size of halter and/or modifications to the design.

Cobra $5

Stitched Cobra $20+

Fishtail $12

Snake Knot $12

Whipped $15

Blaze Bar $15

Bootlace $10

Zig Zag $10

Solomons Dragon $12+

Shark Jaw Bone $15

King Cobra $15

Snake Belly $12

Crosses $12

Center Stitched $20

Sanctified Center Chain $25

Sanctified Diamond Overlay $30

Tri Band $25

Sanctified Convenant $25+

Daisy $25+

Angelo’s Twist $35

Summer Wave $35