Bridles & Side Pulls

Braided Bridles

These bridles are a fun and customizable addition to any tack set. They can be braided from muletape or 550 cord, so lots of color options. In addition to color options, we offer a few different hardware options as well. Conway buckles, snaps, roller buckles and more options to customize a unique headstall. We can make browband bridles as well as 1 and 2 ear bridles.

Side Pulls

We could very easily devote an entire page to side pulls. There are so many different styles, from modified halters to ones you would attach to a traditional bridle. Each have their own pros & cons for both horse and rider. We are always open to try new styles or to make modifications to ones we have already made. Customizations can be pretty endless.

As pictured $30

Braided $45

Side Pull Halter $45

CrossUnder Sidepull Halter $75

The above prices are for average sized halters

War Bridles

These have gained popularity in recent years. They can be a fun way to add something different to your riding and challenge yourself and your horse. They work by securing around the horses bottom jaw. War bridles require excellent communication between horse and rider, and should not be used by novices.

As Pictured $20

Flat braid reins attachments $25